Family Ministry

Women's Ministry has been a central department in The Salvation Army in Pakistan since the very early years. However, in 2018 the name was changed from Women's Ministry to Family Ministry to enable the department to have an added focus on the spiritual needs and physical needs of men within the territory.

Family Ministry is made up of many different areas. Within the team we have the following:-

  • Social Justice
  • Advocacy and Anti-Human Trafficking Consultant
  • Young Women's Fellowship Secretary and Advocacy Coordinator
  • Silver Star Secretary and Assistant Advocacy Coordinator
  • Health Consultant
  • Education Consultant
  • Men's Ministry Officer
  • Personal Assistant to the Territorial President for Women's Ministry

    This team is led by the Territorial President for Women's Ministry assisted by the Territorial Secretary of Women's Ministry.

    Our aim is to support corps and community work in the awareness of men and women to what is their rights within Pakistan society and then as far as is possible, help them to achieve these right. Much of the work is done by the team through practical workshops and teaching.