Officer Training and Leader Development

Introduction: .The Salvation Army Pakistan Introduces “Certificate in Leadership Development” for senior leaders. Here you will find key information about the course of this certificate.
Objective:  To enable all the officers in the territory to achieve their full potential so that the mission of the territory is achieved.
Time period: This course of five years is based on 42 subjects arranged for the development of our leaders. Pakistan territory is taking a step forward for the development of leaders.
Biblical Studies: Leaders should speak and write about the Bible in a very authentic way which will be evidence that they have a sound knowledge of Bible and an effective way of preaching.
2-Homiletics/ Preaching and teaching in an Islamic context.        
Salvation Army Doctrine Study
Doctrines of The Salvation Army are a basic root of its ministry, in this regard leaders should have a good knowledge of doctrine so that they may provide a brief and effective explanation of each doctrine while preaching in church ministry. 

  1. Salvation army Doctrine in the changing world/LGBTQ 

Church history
Leaders should have knowledge of church history and be able to explain the Salvation Army heritage, trace and its historical development throughout the world.

  1. Church History  

Christianity today opportunities and challenges
Leaders should be passionate to lead people into the kingdom of God, to build up the body of Christ and to be determined to perform a marvellous job to face all challenges in this regard.
1. Ethics and Morals  
2. Holiness
3. Social Justice  
4. Music /Worship and Stewardship                                                                                                                             
6. Personal Spiritual Growth  
7. Spiritual Formation
9. Baptism & communion   
Ministry in the 21st Century
Leaders should demonstrate knowledge of pastoral care, evangelism, discipleship Salvation Army worship and corps based development. He/she should demonstrate the ability to be a role model for others as a servant leader.

  1. Pastoral Care  
  2. Evangelism / Discipleship/ Alpha course
  3. Corps based Community Development  
  4. Partnership with Other  Agencies , Churches ,Faith and Government    
  5. Servant Leadership        


Computer Skills
Realising the need and importance of computer and technology in this era, Officers should achieve computer skills and be able to conduct research and use it for communication purposes.

  1. Communication
  2. Information Technology    

Orders and Regulations
Leaders should have good knowledge about The Salvation Army present structure and administration.

  1. Salvation Army Practices in changing world
  2. International Salvation Army   
  3. Dealing with poor performance and theology of officership
  4. Protection of vulnerable persons  
  5. Succession planning
  6. Conflict Management  

  Leadership & Management  
Realising the fact that leader is a personality who is always looked at as a role model in every field, Leaders should have good understanding of leadership and management to be able to work up to the mark after studying these courses.

  1. Finance
  2. Risk management
  3. Asset Management
  4. Legal Issues
  5. Stress management
  6. Management 
  7. Governance
  8. Bribery Act   
  9. Health & Safety
  10. Strategy 
  11. Global Issues
  12. Team Work
  13. Delegation  
  14. Impact measurement
  15. Personality Profile and Governance



The International Officer Training and Development Council (IOTALDC) has the primary purpose to serve the General and the global Salvation Army by promoting quality training and leader-development of officers throughout the world; by offering support as needed to territories in their training and leader-development systems; and by providing oversight to ensure training systems meet the aims and purposes of The Salvation Army.


  Major Aneela Faheem is the Secretary for Personnel in Pakistan Territory. Aneela entered college from Samanabad Corps (Lahore), and was commissioned with her husband Faheem as part of the Faithful Intercessors session. Time in different corps work was followed by appointments as Training Officer, Associate Territorial Youth and Candidates’ Secretary and Assistant Secretary for Personnel and Candidates’ Secretary before her current role. Aneela and Faheem have three children.


To find more information, visit International Officer Training and Leader Development Council page. Click here